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Preeta Press is an exciting, new publishing company that offers a number of services to prospective writers. We welcome both new and established writers to work with us. Please refer to the ‘Submissions for’ guidelines before submitting any work. 

What you can expect from us.

If you sign up to the ‘Preeta Press CORE Service’ package we will provide:

  • Development and formatting of your book, so it's print ready.
  • An ISBN.
  • A print run for the number of books as agreed. Minimum print run is 32 books. 
  • Delivery of the books to any UK Mainland address as standard.  
  • An e-book version (on request) at no extra charge to you.
  • Copies of your book available for general purchase through the PreetaPress website, with a mutually agreed percentage split on all books sold. 
  • Marketing and PR will be provided through the Preeta Press website and social media
  • A publishing and copyright agreement to be signed by both parties.  

What we will need from you.

  • The number of pages in A5 format and how many coloured images (if any) are to be included
  • Your book in Word as a Docx type document using Arial font size (12) and double spaced.
  • Cover design - front and back including art work, photograph(s) and comments/quotations.
  • Dedication - if any, stating who you are dedicating the book to.
  • Acknowledgements - if any, saying who you would like to thank e.g. photographer.
  • Details if any parts of your work have been published elsewhere giving any date(s) and publication accreditations.
  • Author biography - should be 200 words or less and can include social media links and photograph (if required) 
  • An indicative selling price for your book - UK Pounds, US Dollars or Euros as standard. If other currencies then please state as this would need to be by special agreement only.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide an indicative ‘core service’ price, This core service price will depend of type of book and number of copies required.

 Additional Services. 

There are additional services available and these will be charged as outlined below:

  • Proofreading - £3.50 for each and every 1000 words.
  • Cover Design starting from £45.
  • Art Work - will depend on the requirements.
  • Readers Report by professional editor - up to 100,000 words £300. Over 100,000 words will be by special arrangement.
  • Editing - starting from £20 per hour with Preeta Press working closely with you to develop your work in preparation for printing.
  • Marketing and PR - If you require more than is provided in the 'Preeta Press Core Service' then it may be worth discussing your further requirements with an established PR company.
  • Building/running an Author's Website - Design and build from £100. Annual fee of £50 for webspace, domain name and basic security updates, payable from the onset.
Our Commitment to you.
In all our business dealings we are proud of our ethical and transparency credentials so you can be assured that our codes of conduct are to the highest standards at all times. We operate an open book accounting policy, so, if requested, can provide a detailed breakdown on income and expenditure relating to your account, to ensure that you have every confidence in our business practices.