Day 10 - in recovery Covid-19 house

I woke up after a really good sleep and thankfully seemed to have turned a corner as no noticeable cough and feeling much brighter. Yeh! Feel like shouting from the rooftops but probably won’t, as people are so fearful at the moment and even the police have been asked to cool it!  But share it from the relative animosity of a blog – virtual clap for social media!

I have just watched a lovely vinaigrette of nature from my living room window. There was a small squirrel eating a nut under the branches of a large pine tree unaware of being watched intensely by a neighbour’s marmalade cat who was sat on the fence nearby. The air was so still and no cars on the road, so I rushed out to capture the scene on my phone, like you do, but at that moment a truck roared down the road and nutkins was off tout-suite whilst the cat was left scratching its head.

My daughter and grandchildren who are on their daily walk, have just come into the garden, for a quick chat. My partner and I at the door and daughter on the path. I usually look after grandchild-2 on Tuesdays so was thinking about them this morning. Do miss them, especially the cuddles and hugs. Luckily they live just around the corner, so sure in the coming weeks will see them in person, albeit at a distance. Aware lots of grandparents aren’t that lucky and most will only have social media contact, which in the current situation is probably better than nothing!

A friend, a day last week, tried to do an hour of virtual babysitting whilst their son tried to do some home working. She tried reading to her grandchildren remotely but the children got bored after a few minutes and wandered off; next she tried playing a game, this time one engaged but the other started messing about. Needless to say by the end of an hour it was utter carnage and she vowed never to try that again. Theory and practice don’t always marry, but well done for having a go!

My partner has now taken over the dining room as his office. I am a bit of a ‘neat freak’ so haven’t gone in yet as not good for mine or my partner’s health. This morning he has had two ‘Zoom’ meetings already and thinks this may revolution working practices for the future. However, although some staff like the flexibility of working from home others, still like going to a physical office to work and socialise with people. But so far, so good!  Artificial Intelligence is here and bots are used in industry routinely, perhaps man now following machine! Perhaps not far-fetched as it seems!

A friend sent me a message this morning, as she was watching morning TV and was so incensed as a MP was on defending the lack of PPE and testing for frontline staff. Lines of defence included - not our fault, not able to get supplies quick enough and even the Chinese to blame. So business as usual, MPs waffling and not culpable, but we now need to get a grip, take responsibility and accept there should have been emergency planning! The secrecy at state level has kept everyone in the dark and as people are dying in the thousands we now deserve OPENNESS and TRANSPARENCY. Chump in USA blamed China and delayed response resulting in a stark escalation of deaths! Sure future generations will view this time with a different viewpoint to ours, I am sure.  

Check out Prof David Alexander, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction, Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction, Faculty of Maths & Physical SciencesUniversity College London.


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