Day 11 - All quiet on the CV-19 front

Cough has GONE and feeling much better.

Where is Hubris BORIS? I think he has gone down a rabbit hole with the other Mad Hatters in the Government! The latest we hear is that the Government has appointed an Australian communications advisor, to put a spin on the public health message and boost the prime ministers standing! Are you having a laugh, this is not a time for EGOs!   

First we had Herd Immunity (mitigation) which has now been side lined and the testing for live anti-gen (suppression) very late in the day, has come to the fore. Well I say come to the fore, not quite, as the plan to test 25,000 front line staff per day, has actually been woefully short at just 8,000! Basically UK has missed the boat, and there is now a shortage of chemical re-agents and swabs, but we are assured this will be sorted in the next two weeks! Yeh! Sorry I don’t believe you and although the majority in the country are following the advice ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’ please don’t let slogans and political rhetoric determine the way forward in this ‘beat the virus’ campaign. Basically the Government has lost the Public’s confidence as whilst the UK was following the ‘Herd Immunity’ strategy, the world caught up with anti-gen testing and snaffle up all the tests and equipment – too late Mate! We now have no idea who has the virus, who has had the virus and it is estimated that 70% of NHS staff currently self-isolating, could be back at work as are virus-free! My friend said that if the Government was a parent it would have been reported to social services and we would all be taken into care. South Korea please adopt us!

Sorry to be a ‘gloom goblin’ and know it is easy to knock everyone and everything, whereas for our mental health and well-being we should try to keep normal and uplifting. So, the first positive today is that I have planted three strawberry bare root plants in my vegetable trug in the garden. Actually seeing the new shoots on the plants stirred a hopefulness in me, that these plants will grow and bear fruit later in the year.  I aim to do something life-affirming every day.

Interestingly, there are the lists of books that people are reading is being circulated on my social media and what eclectic, obscure ones they are too! Why aren’t people reading trashy, escapist novels, not me obviously, but Richard and Judy Book club could make a killing – I’m only saying!

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