Day 2 - Lock down light

The response to the pandemic is not blanket one as yet and advice is patchy so supermarkets and shops are still open, schools are open for key workers with skeleton staff which is a bit ghoulish if you ask me! Strange that at the moment we can go to Waterstones and buy a book but cannot see your mum at home on Mothering Sunday. Quite bizarre!

My partner is what they call a NHS key worker although is not on the front line does do important back room stuff.  He has his own office and I have given him a face mask but has no other PPE, not sure if full hazmat suit is needed yet but in future who knows! Please note I wasn't stock piling masks but did manage to buy ten 'just in case' ones before the proverbial hit the fan! Not sure how good they are for reducing virus spreading effectiveness but great for protecting others from your halitosis - post curry night!

Feels like a new world and to be honest not feeling too brave. Social media can be good but information overload isn't helpful and often conflicting. But I am trying to think positive and doing my yoga breathing, but unfortunately this is making me cough, so my partner has now 'self-isolated' to the guest bedroom and main bathroom. He is quite happy and says it has much nicer bedding and fluffier towels, whereas I am still in the main bedroom with the polyester duvet and 'wedding present' towels – which were given thirty odd years ago but still going strong, well I say strong more like rock hard as lost their fluffiness and colour a long time ago. Good metaphor for long term relationships - not mine of course!

Self-distancing has been happening in houses all over the country for years. Couples who cannot afford to split are leading separate lives but living in the same house. Strange but practical! So what is happening today is already the norm for some, which highlights whatever the norm is, it isn't always for the many.

Some young people are not heeding the social distancing advice and still partying, oh the foolhardiness of youth! Unfortunately, they may be asymptomatic so can still pass it on. So us oldies, well semi oldies as haven't reached the magical seventy-year threshold yet, need to avoid these incubators even if they are relatives and friends. Quite hard to do if like me you are very social but for my friend M who is totally anti-social, it is business as usual! She is now gloating, as she has been saying for years that socialising is not as good as it is cracked up to be. M is now sitting in her isolated tower, but what is amusing me is how for such a hermit she is such a fanatic social media user. She is forever WhatsApping and face-booking, so for her remote socialising is acceptable, just not the face to face type. Must say I can see the appeal!

Perhaps in this new altered world we will all stay in our little boxes, army bringing essential food, work as it is, carried out remotely and socialising virtually. In this new utopian future there would be no money as all financial markets have gone down the pan, so why bring high commerce back? Just a thought! This leads me nicely into 'conspiracy theory' territory.

The prevailing conspiracy theory doing the rounds is that 'planet activists' have engineered this virus to halt the imminent climate catastrophe and help the world to recover! Neat solution to use a bat and snake to host the virus and slip it into a live animal market (vegetarian / vegan revenge there) in one of the biggest most populated country in the world. Clearly deaths are collateral damage (this is NOT my view I must add) but the atmosphere over China has improved notably and Northern Italy has clear air, the first time in hundreds of years. Airlines are grounded and transport links reduced, job done! The theory is that this will kick start the change needed and create a re-newed world fit for the younger generations - unpalatable but plausible? You decide?

Boris Johnson, the PM is now doing daily briefings and his hair is as wayward as ever, which unfortunately does not give him the gravitas needed for the current situation. Being flanked by eminent medical and scientific professionals doesn’t help his case either and he is clearly out of his depth. His bumbling, chummy seemingly comic book character, belies his narcissism and power mania. We need leadership which is person focussed, compassionate, caring but above all brave! Boris is just not the right person. Britain is displaying the same misguided Brexit spirit, we shall overcome and make the UK great again! What!!! Wake up and smell the Costa! Oh no that has now shut up shop too. Words are cheap, actions like stripping shelves in the supermarket and flaunting social distancing advice, tells us all we need to know. Arrogant UK thinks it knows best and clearly as the epidemic numbers rise, clearly we don't. The press is ramping it up and some people are dampening it down and somewhere in between sensible thought must win through surely!!




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