Day 3 - CV-19 is SUSPECTED

AM FEELING UNWELL - new dry cough, achy, headache and not sure about my temperature as teddy thermometer probably not as accurate as I would hope, but is reporting HIGH!! so think I might have a fever! I phoned NHS 111 last night. A lovely man called Callum took my details and after assessment deemed I was likely to have Covid-19 virus and need to self-isolate for seven days. I asked if I could be tested and softly spoken Callum replied that that wasn't possible. So I said how do I know if I've got it and do I need to notify people. Without certainty, I don't want to alarm people unnecessarily. Callum advised to tell people NHS 111 had told you to self-isolate for seven days. Job done! Well not quite, as I cannot categorically say I have coronavirus, but highly likely that I have! Bizarre! Why not just test!  I am the type of person who wants facts, not quite 'Doubting Thomasina' but show me the stigmata! I am now waiting for the antibodies testing - just so I can get closure!

Schools’ out and think my five-year-old grandchild hopes forever! My daughter is not a key worker, although looking at the comprehensive list, think with tweaks she could have been! But being an upright citizen she has taken the school ma'am baton and started running, not sure how long that will last, but with a five and two-year-old, did I mention nurseries are out too, a real challenge. Fortunately, they have a garden and tree house, do I sound envious, well as a kid I would have loved a tree house, well a garden even would have been nice.

This reminds me of when I was a child. We had a plot, that is a tiny part of a field at the back of the house, across a ditch, up a bank so not easily accessible and was my dad's vegetable patch. Yes, he did grow some crops, but also it was his place of sanctuary for a crafty fag and a bit of peace away from my mum and four kids. Great place for a bonfire and we started collecting for the 'bommy' in as early as Summer. Bonfire night was a mad affair with huge fire, charred hot potatoes and black peas. Once, years later, I didn't soak some black peas properly and several people had to have emergency dental treatment, not my finest hour! But has gone down in the family annuls and brought up every Bonfire night! Also remembering previous bonfires, on one occasion we went to a friend’s bonfire party, wrapped up warm with coats, hats, gloves, scarves but my mummified youngest daughter was still burned on her forehead by a rogue jumping jack! The battle scar is still visible and although now in her thirties is still in therapy!

I digressed, so back to the 'plot firework party' with what seemed like a cast of thousand, mostly feral children, but this was the 1960s when kids ran wild! But the biggest kid was our next door neighbour Mr Babcock, who threw fireworks because he thought it was fun! My dad didn't agree. He told him he was an idiot and although it didn't come to blows, it could have done quite easily! Mr Bancock was not a nice man and ruled his wife and six children with a rod of steel, literally! 'Wait until your father comes home' was often heard through the partition wall and the children were subdued compared with us, who were quite a rabble, but had a dad as soft as butter. Don't get me wrong dad would shout, but usually at the little brown cased telly in the corner, when politicians were spouting what my dad considered utter rot! Socialist ran through him like lettering in a stick of rock but as mum always said ‘Idealism does not put food on the table’, always the pragmatist although she would say realist! Think she was probably right but it could be quite an explosive atmosphere, especially during one of their heated debates!

Back to the pandemic present, I was going to help with the childcare. Two children at such different stages is hard to manage at the best of times but isolated from friends, other people and normal activities is a tough call. As I see my daughter and grandchildren most days, going into isolation for weeks and not seeing them in person will be hard. Fingers crossed I should now have some immunity, if I ever get to have a test!

Under social isolation, my daughter has drawn up a home-school for grandchild-1, which they will be starting today. The day will commence at 9 a.m. with Joe Wicks, who is doing a daily thirty-minute work-out, virtual PE teacher for the masses. Then moving on to work sheets and online resources until 12 noon. After lunch more recreational stuff. The difficulty is that my daughter is also working from home. Whereas grandchild-1 is quite self-sufficient, the little two-year old is not! Occupying them whilst working on-line is a challenge, nigh impossible. Luckily grandchild-2 still has an afternoon nap so cramming work in at any downtime will be the best my daughter can do!

How am I feeling? Glad you asked! Haven't got out of bed yet except for a quick bathroom trip. Have a headache, hot fever flushes, dry cough and just DON'T FEEL RIGHT if you know what I mean! Feel my immune system working in overdrive and my little men are working non-stop. 'Little men' were my mum's explanation of your immune system and even went to the elaborate gesture of using the telephone to ring them up. I have passed this on to my daughters and my youngest daughter who is now a scientific doctor, thinks it’s a good simple analogy, so rubber stamped there! I’ve even heard my eldest daughter saying it to her children the other day, so now in its fourth generation. Hopefully, I am quite healthy, well was, so not anticipating any complications, but everything crossed!


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