Day 4 in a CV-19 House

Yesterday I was Hot! Hot! Hot! No unfortunately not in that way. Now on emergency jim-jams (Christmas ones with the baubles decorated top and Santa bottoms) as had to change three times yesterday as damp and pretty smelly - sorry to share but this virus is not pretty! Paracetamol is my drug of choice and cough medicine made with thyme herb and marshmallow root is lovely stuff. My nose feels really stuffy and full but not runny, still got a headache which is a pretty constant dull ache, dry type of cough but not 'fruity' apparently, body aches like I have run a marathon (never actually run a marathon not even a 10k) but have a good imagination! But glad to report that overall feeling a little bit better but haven't got out of bed yet! Think I might be gradually coming through Round 1 just hope there isn't a Round 2!

People need people clearly and so to survive this isolation and stay in touch we have all started to communicate through online media. The new kids on the block are: Zoom, House Party with its cute little hand wave, Microsoft Team office and Google Hangouts but not forgetting the old faithfuls: WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and FaceTime. These newcomer businesses have just gone cosmic with a valuation to match! Every e-cloud and all that! Have now set up House Party group with my partner, daughters and grandchildren, so we can get together virtually online. I connected with my youngest daughter today but she said I looked so awful could we talk on the phone instead. Family solidarity, but when I look like a zombie apocalypse, it must be a bit unnerving!

With social distancing outside people are doing the CV-19 dance of swerve and nod, which is the only level of people connection allowed at the moment. However not everybody is complying and the police (and army!) will be out and about in the not too distant future persuading groups to disperse. But not sure if that will be enough?  Looking at China, Italy, Spain and most other countries they have had total lock down! Chump over in USA is of course in denial so goodness knows how that will all pan out over the pond.

Couples who are not living in same households are not allowed to meet up and it’s now LAW! There may be an escalation of cohabiting, love island style, which will probably be the death knell for many relationships especially if social isolating goes on for months. Of course there will also be a baby boom, lots of Christmas babies in 2020, take note NHS, as it is what people do when they have a lot of free time.  After this crisis, the Christmas holiday spent with relatives will be a breeze!

A new 4000 bed hospital has been set up and named 'the Nightingale' which is a nice touch, but Crimean war connotations probably less so! How does the Government do all this? A bottomless bucket of cash for the NHS, trillions of ventilators and now a new hospital site albeit temporary. It would seem anything can be achieved it just needs a political and social will! Come the new order, which must surely follow this crisis, money must follow health, and if this current situation shows anything, it is that a seismic change is much needed.

There is still confusion over 'key workers' and includes construction staff who are still standing 'cheek to jowl' literally on tube trains in London. Clearly this doesn't comply with the two meters social distancing rule! The Government is still woolly on this and so confusion remains. Self-employed people are still going to work as haven't a safety net for loss of earnings whereas for employed people they are guaranteed 80% of salary if laid off. 'Furloughed' is a new term, well actually an old Dutch word, which has suddenly come into use and describes currently 'laid off' people who will have a job once normal service resumes. I am sceptical but let’s hope this is the case.  It is very complex as 'not one size fits all' for zero hours and the self-employed, but clearly the needs of lots of these desperate people need to be met with some financial support.

On a positive note, it has been sunny and warm over the past couple of days with mid-teen temperatures, and although not been outside have opened a window to let in some fresh spring air. There are many compliant people who are going on their one daily walk, run or cycle, having an enjoyable reprise from their home based isolation. Spring is the hopeful season, birth and growth, let’s hope it doesn't become the rainy season as that might be a game changer! We have had such a wet winter, with flood misery around the country, more rain could be disastrous!

I has a nice surprise yesterday as delivery man brought a boxed Hydrangea plant, I ordered on-line months ago! He rung the door bell and I signalled from the bedroom window to leave it on the porch. Having not looked in the mirror for days, the delivery man's expression told me all I needed to know, that I look like a living dead Zombie! My skin is sallow, my eyes ringed with deep, black bags but quite bizarrely I had my eyebrows done recently so brow and forehead nicely groomed! But what about my HAIR! Goodness me! I now have a scraggy, oil slick greasy, unruly mop and have lost two bobbles somewhere in this birds’ nest. I haven't had the energy to brush, never mind wash my hair, so it can only get worse! Luckily, as not open to visitors, I can wallow in my messy, unkemptness! Hairdressers will be inundated once this crisis eventually subsides.

Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus and everyone is wondering HOW did he get tested. The official court reporter said he met the criteria for testing, and as his symptoms were mild, it can only be concluded that it was because he is over seventy. Camilla, who looks strong as an Ox, tested negative. No doubt the Queen and Prince Philip are high risk but sure there will be tests and physicians on hand. Clearly coronavirus is universal and no respecter of 'blue blood' – not sure if that is treasonable! Known as a posh, middle class disease as thought to have spread to UK through skiers from Italy and Austria.  

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