Day 5 in recovery CV-19 House

Breakthrough as yesterday I actually got out of bed and had some toast and jam, best ever! This reminds me of when you have just had a baby and the nurse asks if you want some toast and you reply YES please! So there you are sat on a rubber ring, looking at your new peachy skinned, caramel smelling babe, wiping melted butter from your chin and thinking life does not get better than this! Sometimes the simply things are what makes life special.

It felt strange to move out of my sick bed, as it was so warm and comforting. I didn't have the energy for a shower yesterday but that might be my milestone today!

Update! Wow! I’ve just had a shower and washed the mop but then had a coughing fit so not sure if was worth it. Actually feeling more human but my grey skinned face and aching limbs would suggest otherwise.

I think it might be time to discuss my current bug bear the testing for the coronavirus. The current position is that if you go into hospital displaying serious Covid-19 symptoms then you are tested for active anti-gens. That is the only testing taking place officially, unless you buy unregulated tests on line for £249 or £199 (NHS worker discount). My youngest daughter said that this is a rip-off and profiteering, as the swab kit and lab testing costs would be negligible. Spiv mentality, showing someone always on the make, even in adversity!!

The current advice is: if anyone is displaying coronavirus symptoms they should assume they have it in the absence of testing.  Frontline NHS staff with symptoms are isolating for seven days, as are their households for fourteen days, but if tested they could have certainty. There are two antibodies tests in production. The first identifies antibodies for newly infected people and the second showing people who have acquired longer term resistance. These will show immunity in the community so medical authorities will have more accurate data on levels which will help to manage likely future spikes of infection. Currently it is thought that perhaps 50% of the population may have immunity and once confirmed through testing, this will inform future public health programmes. Clearly there is a plan, just we, the public are not trusted to know it. Scientists are having their moment and immunologists are much in demand. This reminds me of MPs being interviewed continuously during Brexit - but just saying where are most of them now!

Dyson, the vacuum cleaner maker has been commissioned to manufacture 10,000 ventilators specifically for Coronavirus patients. However, although a good news headline, this new machine will need to go through a thorough testing process and may be too late for use in the current outbreak. Which would be a blow! Sorry must have brain fog with the illness, my default position anyway.

Half a million people have signed up as NHS volunteers which is great and testament to people's kindness and altruism. But practically how can we ensure that all these 500,000 people carry out strict hygiene and social distancing controls, otherwise they could become 'super spreaders' especially as dealing with the most vulnerable, this could seriously back fire. Good intentions and all that!

'Clap for Carers' is taking place at 8pm tonight - open doors, windows, stand on balconies and clap and cheer! This is to support all the heroes working in the NHS and all the other caring professionals! Nice gesture of solidarity so will join in tonight but will need to get dressed, yes clothes, which will be a first in five days! I am glad I have been in isolation as I have enjoyed wallowing in my slobbery!

As people have started working from home, it has been interesting to see inside broadcasters' houses. To date the decors have been mixed and broadcasters have been bothered about titles on their book shelves and cushion covers which is testament to our instagram world. Human life still goes on and although isolated, we still want to be part of the larger human life community.

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