Day 7 - in recovery in Covid-19 House

Woke to the news that all NHS frontline staff will be tested for active virus, starting this weekend, so if staff get a ‘negative’ result then they can get back to work which should help the staffing crisis. Hopefully further testing will be rolled out into the wider population.

Thankfully I am starting to feel a little better and my cough has calmed down and my ribcage doesn’t feel quite so bruised. I am still really tired, look grey and poor appetite but hopefully over the worst.  We heard my brother-in-law has had symptoms last week too. He had double pneumonia last year and therefore vulnerable so just really hope he remains well.

Have just read a report from Italy detailing the virus pandemic and its progression through the population detailing peoples’ reactions and behaviours week by week. It was interesting but sobering to realise the similarities between the two countries with Italy preceding the UK by only a couple of weeks.   Hopefully the UK will have learnt lessons from Italy, who were quite slow on social isolating. It is likely that infection will peak in the UK in next two week or so, but fingers crossed not with the same scale of fatalities as Italy. It has been very quiet on the road today and reduced people walking around so hope measures are hitting home and kicking in.       

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