Day 8 - in recovery Covid-19 house

The deputy chief medical officer is saying that the lock down and social isolating measures could last for the next six months, with reviews every three weeks and revising restrictions if possible. Goodness knows what the country’s landscape will look by then. There are predictions of unemployment and recession, so not an easy time for the foreseeable future. Boris, from his sickbed is sending out a letter to every household, using good ol’ Royal Mail, which seems a bit of a strange medium to use, as most people are now digital savvy, and it is now clear there are an awful lot of ‘silver surfers’ out there!  Apparently fake messages are going round social media at the moment supporting Boris and his cronies, saying they are good eggs and all that! Don’t believe it! Germany has had very limited deaths and escalation of infection has been kept in check. How? They followed WHO advice and tested and then isolated outbreak areas, to prevent escalation. Now that seems like leadership and strategy! 

I’ve had a breakthrough and have been for short walk earlier today. I was wrapped up with a scarf covering mouth and nose, unfortunately chose my nice cashmere one, and half way through the stroll I started to cough, not my usual one but likely caused by the expensive fibres going up my nose. Lesson learnt there! My residual cough is still here and I spoke to my brother-in-law who has had similar symptoms, exactly the same timings and but thankfully now seemingly in recovery. I am still taking it easy, as my body feels like it is in recuperation mode.

We have just left some much needed foodstuffs for a local food bank. One of our neighbours works for ‘Urban Outreach’ and has left a collection bin outside their house, do your bit, remember we are a society not a society of individuals, Tories please take note!

We are now told that the strategy for testing is now to test front line NHS staff systematically and although numbers of tests carried out are being reported inconsistently, let’s hope they are actually being done. To press, two NHS hospital doctors have already died of the virus and that would seem a disgrace, especially if they contracted the disease from infected patients.  I was contacted the other day and asked to complete an on-line questionnaire about my experience of the virus. I am assuming NHS 111 shared my details and I am now hoping I am on a virus antibody testing list. Something to look forward too, how strange has my life become!

A community nurse has just been on the radio saying that the public should be aware of how their workload has increased with more complex cases having moved from hospital into the community. Hope these nurses have been supplied with the necessary PPE as infection control is clearly crucial at this time. Clearly, there are many unsung health professionals who are keeping things going and need our support and praise.

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