Day 9 - in recovery Covid-19 house

Feeling much better today. Thank you for asking.

From the start of the pandemic, the rise of online social groupings are just phenomenal and I am now part of my choir’s virtual community. I have been singing along with the u-tube video and it is strange to hear your own solo voice. In a choir you are singing in unison, whereas a lone voice, highlights your own inadequacies quite frankly. I don’t really want to join the ‘Zoom’ group as know someone will pick up on the flat voice at the back, and think it might be mine! However, I do like the camaraderie and it does feel like a wider family, connected and supportive.

I am also a member of a community interest group which is involved with the arts, culture and heritage. Again there are lots of virtual activities taking place including on-line poetry competitions and video performance link ups. All very positive and aiming to help people’s well-being and sanity. People are reading and writing more so hopefully at the end of this crisis there will be new books ready to published. Get creative and let this be the new you!

Went for a walk tonight before tea and coming up a slight hill, I suddenly and frightening felt my chest feel so tight and my breath was laboured. THIS IS NOT ME! Usually fit as a fiddle, so quite frightening! When I got home had to sit quietly and my partner flaunting the 2m rule had to rub my back, he did wash his hands afterwards I must add. I messaged a friend who has asthma and told her ‘Greatest Respect – I had no idea what breathing problems could feel like!’

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