Hidden Depths by Peter Street

Peter is a remarkable writer who has had an equally remarkable life. In this, the second part of his autobiography, he relates the story of becoming a grave digger before the days of mechanical diggers.

He tells graphic stories of what the work entailed, the dangers involved and how he found acceptance for the first time in his life amongst an assorted group of people living on the margins of society.

At the same time he meets a girl and they fall passionately in love but as the relationship deepens the couple meet strong resistance from both sets of parents

His stories sometimes harrowing, sometimes very funny (he’s one of life’s gigglers), are always truthful and life celebrating. See reviews below:

                                            Read this book, you’ll have experienced nothing like it!


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  • Honest, Intelligent Raw - Dave Morgan, Director Live from Worktown
  • to say how much i enjoyed Hidden Depths Loves and Life of a Young Gravedigger - "More More" he cried. And next time i want to hear more about your family. Very best wishes and  congratulations - Professor John Lucas (retired) and editor of Shoe String Press
  • I loved this book, its written as if the author is sitting opposite you, both in comfy chairs just telling you of his work in the cemetery, but as he talks you are on the edge of your chair. This secret part of life is told in a way that is funny, sad, shocking and informative.
    The bodies the author refers to in the cemeteries are likened to a people in a village, policemen, shop keepers, mill owners, mill workers, bankers, elderly and children and are treated with respect as we do above the ground.
    His personal life had hiccups which he dealt with in a confident and positive way and allowed him a happy and fulfilled home life, a lesson to all of us as to overcome afflictions that can get in the way of life.
    A really good read that you wont want to put down, beautifully written, I didn't want it to end!
    Julie Martin-Mitchell, Belmont Historical Society
  •  'I read the book through the night, I couldn't put it down!' Preeta Press proof-reader, Sheila Cartwright.
  • Bought this book n it arrived two days ago ..Hidden Depths by Peter Street , tbh i didn't think the subject matter would be something I'd be interested in but how wrong I was, it certainly for me was a page turner , well wrote n very descriptive , its a book i would recommend n give it 5 Stars, well done Peter Street! Billy Isherwood, Newport
  • "This book cannot be unread! You will not be able to walk down Deansgate in Bolton again without thinking of the scenes in this book reminiscent of the bone-filled shots in the film The Killing Fields
    We are in the deep end right from the start in more ways than one. In that, on the second page the author is facing the collapse of a nine-foot grave from the inside!
    In this autobiography the author describes his late youth in Bolton of the 1960s. He finds support and companionship from his gravedigging colleagues following the rejection that he experienced in his previous jobs. The writing style feels like a diary; an economy of words with vivid descriptions when needed. This maybe because Peter’s previous output has been mainly Poetry.
    The young Peter comes across as a naive character, giving the stories of the various deceased individuals that end up in what he refers to as their ‘village’. These stories are interwoven contrasting scenes of Peter arranging a marriage and mortgage with his wife to be. This gives the book a charm despite it macabre subject matter."
    Peter Firth MBA www.chiscic.org