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Life's Lessons Learnt by Charlie Barrett

Poems, Lyrics and Vivid Dreams

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Charlie Barrett, aka Charlie Charles, and he's been writing poetry for his whole life. He started as a boy as a creative outlet for the struggles he was facing in life and the habit of writing stuck with him.

"Over my life I have turned many of my poems into songs and even been lucky enough to introduce this method to the young people I have encountered in my life to help them through their own struggles." Charlie says.

All funds raised from this book will be going directly to ‘Harmony Response Services’, and the setting up of our their own counselling service with the aim of reaching young people in Charlie's community who don’t otherwise have access to mental health services due to funds or location.

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 I put my feelings in a bottle
Screwed the cork tight on top
I threw the bottle in the sea
I thought the hurt would stop
But the sea was rough
And the storms were cruel
So lay loose my cork
That’s when I had to face the truth
Find the strength to talk
When I looked inside the glass
All my lies came true
So I put a sail upon my heart
And came back home to you
The little boy who went to sea
I knew you’d understand
That when I finally reach your shore
This boy would be a man