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Rhymes for our Times by Ian Aitchison

Rhymes for our Times by Ian Aichison

Humour is still never far from Ian’s thoughts when scripting his beautifully constructed limericks, an art he’s been working on for decades. And what an excellent format he’s developed in wryly commenting on the previous week’s news in his weekly slot in the Rochdale Observer.

This book contains a wide selection of Ian’s witty limericks for your enjoyment, so enjoy them with a smile.

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£8 includes p&p


A Teeside Girl

This is our first international publication. A Teeside Girl written by Sriramgokul Chinnasamy, based partly on his experiences in the Northeast of England where he was a student during the early 2000s. Sriram is now based in Chennai, India but still maintains strong international links not only to the UK but to the US and many other countries.

"He addresses issues of univeral concern ...[Sriramgokul] has answered the call of poetry and embraced it." Dave Morgan


Life's Lessons Learnt by Charlie Barrett

charlie with book


Charlie has been writing poetry and lyrics all his life but this is his first collection of remarkable poems.

All the proceeds from the book will go to fund a new project to provide an in-house Harmony, counselling service for young people


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Clipped Verse by Paul Blackburn

clipped verse smallBuy it now only £2

This is a small volume some of Paul's short verse and Haiku, some of it written during the lock down of 2020 and receiving high praise.

The price is a bargain £2 which includes p&p and is a perfect gift for yourself or others


Different Perspective by Helen Shenton

£7 including p&p

Different Perspective

 Helen is a Manchester born poet of Irish heritage.

She teaches deaf children, lives in Bolton and writes and performs her poetry around the North West.

‘Different Perspectives’ is a collection of poems born out of an awareness that we all see things differently. ‘The way I think affects everything … everything.’ Helen explains. ‘I have a voice but hope too I’ve captured other voices from different ages, genders, places and journeys.’

This collection is a mixture of light and shade, humour and pathos, local and global.



A Barrelful of Ballads by Aldis Kreicbergs

EPSON MFP image £7 including p&p

Aldis retired in 2015, rediscovered his interest in poetry and expanded into other types of writing e.g. short stories and plays. His work has been published widely  and he has performed it at many places including Bolton Town Hall square. 

Some of his work will hopefully make you laugh, some may make you cry; some you may hate, some may make you think, and some mmay offend, but he hopes you enjoy reading them all and maybe even liking some of them.



Worktown Words Anthology One

£6 including p&p

Front cover of the anthologyVirus, what virus?

Here we have over 42 pieces of new writing created during the Covid 19 pandemic and scarcely a one refers to it. What we do have is an eclectic range of themes and styles submitted by experienced and innovative writers selected by guest editors from the worlds of education, media, and performance. The novel format of the website has unleashed an enthusiastic and thoughtful response from writers across the country.

We hope you enjoy this selection which suggests that life goes on in its own idiosyncratic and chaotic way.

Dave Morgan


My Side of the Fence by Jack Morris

9781999350994Jack is a well known and respected businessman in the UK and Europe. This autobiographical book, written in his own distinct style, gives a humorous account of his family life and includes his often difficult relationships with the four legged friends who are so integral and beloved by his wife and daughter.

Read all about the horsey antics and Jack's often reluctant involvement - not to mention the cost to his pocket. There is also pride and joy as Jack describes the successes and achievements of his equestrian daughter and when he reveals one of his true passions ...

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Storm Bloggers in Cornwall by Anne Poitrineau

9781999350963 This is a wonderfully warm story, the first in a series, about the adventures of a group of teenage girls who go on an unexpected adventure in Cornwall when they have to leave their home in West Yorkshire to go to stay with their eccentric aunt in Cornwall.

There is mystery, suspense and peril and there is fun and laughter.


"A kind of modern day 'Famous Five' with added gusto and education too!"


Cover7 Sub-Cultures and Counter Cultures Anthology

 These writings examine ‘fitting in’ or not as the case often is. Lifestyles and personal choice are put under the spotlight with all the trials and tribulations that ensues. We see how hate crime can occur..
The stories and poems are a reflective, eclectic mix but the scripts, attempting to validate everyone, emphasise ‘we are all in it together’ and social life should not be a personal war!
Plenty to mull over here.



Cover7 Keep on Taking the Tablets

Stephen was a pharmacist from 1974 until his retirement in 2009. The wealth of amusing, enlightening and sometimes alarming stories led him to launch a series of speaking engagements on the wonderful wacky world of pharmacy.  Members of his various audiences clamoured for a book of the anecdotes and now he has written it.

Purchase this book and you'll be taken into a new and hilarious world.




Chris and Eve began writing together in 2016, this is their second collaborative poetry collection.

 “Driftwords” is poetry inspired by the sea and shore - a treasure trove of subjects to draw the reader’s spirit to the seaside, as surely as the moon draws the tide.

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Wood Street Writers Anthology 2019

9781999350932This is an anthology of wonderful poems and stories based loosely around themes used by Walt Whitman. The Workshop has existed for over 5 years and encourages writing at all levels. This book was curated by Paul Blackburn and Chris Chilton and Chris edited some of the contributions


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Saving LiFront Cover Master smallves by Hilary Walker

Hilary is a Manchester born poet. She works as a Funeral celebrant and lives in Up Holland, Lancashire with her musician husband, and their four pets. She has a daughter who comes from Romania. Hilary writes and performs her poetry around the North West. She has faith in the power of words and she believes that poetry saves lives.

Buy the book but make every effort to get to see her perform. You won’t be disappointed with either.
Dave Morgan

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Front Cover final small The Wheelie Bin Years by Gordon Zola

Unbelievably, this is Gordon Zola’s first ever book of poetry. The well known and loved Salford poet brings some of his best known works along with some new material in this incredible collection. Expect to be surprised by the breadth of his work.
This Book is Unique!

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Dad's Hands and other poems by Lynda Rose Morgan

After Lynda’s father died in October 1997 she put together this collection of exquisite poems exploring bereavement in many of its aspects; there is honesty, grief, hope but most of all there is love.


Pocoverems from Underground by Paul F Blackburn

At last this poet has finally made it into print but don't expect what you see on the circuit. Of course, there is some lighter, knock-about stuff but Paul also writes for the page, has won awards and has been published in many magazines and periodicals

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CoverI have Learnt by Jacqueline Woods

 The latest collection of poems from this remarkable poet. Love and beauty are at the heart of these wonderful and evocative poems which cover all aspects of life. With fantastic illustrations by Jacqueline's long time collaborator, artist, Julia Temple.

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BookCoversmallLight Verse for Dark Moments by Dave Carr

Wonderfully funny poetry that is accessible to everyone, so even if you think you don't like poetry you'll love this book

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